March 18, 2021

WININ APP, PLAY & WIN AT THE SAME TIME! It is no doubt that every person nowadays owns a mobile phone, as it helps us reach many essential services that we use in our daily lives, such as banking, paying bills, entertainment, and much more. With the advancement of technology in the Arab world, several technology companies have recently started working on developing apps and games that incorporate innovative technologies, such as augmented reality.

Augmented reality is a form of virtual reality that attempts to mimic a real-world computer environment by enhancing it with virtual data. To simplify it, the augmented reality system creates a hybrid display for the user that combines the real-world scene the user is viewing with a virtual scene generated by the computer that enhances the real-world scene with additional data. As augmented reality technology has easily found its way into the world of mobile apps, these applications have not only become more enjoyable and exciting but also more practical and meaningful.

As a result, the WININ app was born. “Play and Win at the same time!” is the slogan of the application which aims to create a fun and attractive user experience. You can imagine only imagine how awesome the end-result of such an app can be, given that the uses augmented reality technology. This technology can be used to create a new interactive advertisement environment around the player, revolutionizing the field of marketing and advertising while also making the game a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The WININ application is the first Arab application to incorporate augmented reality technology in its system, as it allows users to win prizes and receive incredible rewards. And since the app is regularly launching campaigns full of huge prizes, it is on its way to establishing itself to be one of the best Arab applications that offer users the opportunity to play and win big.

The WININ app can be downloaded from the iOS or Android stores depending on your phone. The player should then create an account by entering all the required details and selecting their favorite character to be able to access the app. Then the fun begins! The player can choose from 30 different brands that they would like to win from, and the application will automatically search the area around the player and display gifts that are near to their location. Next, the player needs to move their character on the game map to the location of these prizes and reach them to finish the game. The player is able to catch the prizes using their phone camera, which displays them in augmented reality, as though they were present in the player’s surroundings, a unique experience, isn’t it?

The WININ application offers a number of prizes and rewards in all countries where it is available, with approximately 50,000 awards available in total. During the launch phase in mid-June 2020, A.R.E.A., an international company specialized in developing advanced mobile apps and runs WININ, celebrated more than 500,000 downloads of the WININ app. The number of winners from the app has exceeded 5,000 from the various Arab countries where it is available.

The app is currently available in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, and Kuwait, with plans to expand to more Arab countries in the future, including Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. 

What’s stopping you from quickly winning many prizes by playing on your mobile phone? Now is the time to go to your phone’s app store and download the WININ app, and enjoy a brand-new experience you’ve never had before!

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