WININ app launches the Treasure Hunt campaign with the biggest prizes in Jordan

July 13, 2021

WININ app launches the Treasure Hunt campaign with the biggest prizes in Jordan The first augmented reality application in the Arab world, the WININ App, just launched the first phase of the “Treasure Hunt” competition in Jordan on Friday, June 11. The competition is considered the largest of its kind in the history of applications in the Arab world. 

The player can participate in the competition by downloading the WININ app and heading to the “Treasure Hunt” competition section. To display the first puzzle, the app will automatically open the phone’s camera and show a clue that refers to a location in Amman, Jordan’s capital, such as a restaurant, café, garden, or shop. Next, the player needs to move their character on the game map to the location shown in the puzzle. If the player answers correctly, the app will display the next puzzle.

To win one of the final prizes, players must solve the 6 puzzles and move to their locations using the application’s map. The prizes include MG 5 car, licensed and insured by the British company MG, Apple iPad Pro 2020 with all accessories, 1000 Jordanian dinars in cash, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G smartphone, HUAWEI Nova, Infinix Zero, HUAWEI P40 Pro 5G, cash prizes of 1000 and 250 Jordanian dinars per prize, and 5 vouchers from Abdali Mall with a total value of 200 Jordanian dinars.

The competition is divided into three phases, each of which takes place on a different Friday in June: the first on June 11, the second on June 18, and the third on June 25. The competition begins at 12:00 p.m. Jordan time and runs for around 6 hours. The players must complete all puzzles during the designated time, where the WININ application will send a notification to the players’ phones announcing the start and end of the competition. The prizes and winners will be awarded at a large ceremony in Jordan’s capital, Amman, on a date to be decided, and the names of the winners will be revealed once the competition is completed.

The number of participants in the treasure hunt competition reached 15,000 at the end of the first phase, and the app received nearly 36,000 downloads on the Android and iOS stores, putting it close to reaching one million downloads for the first time since its launch and in a record period. For the first phase of the competition, six players were able to solve puzzles and earn prizes, which included Abdali Mall coupons and cash awards of 250 Jordanian dinars provided by the WININ application.

Jordan is the first country where the Treasure Hunt competition has been launched, and it will be launched directly in the United Arab Emirates once the first competition is over. In the upcoming months, the app will also be available in many countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.

Mr. Bashir Mraish, General Manager of A.R.E.A., the company that runs WININ, expressed his excitement for the Treasure Hunt competition’s launch in Jordan, saying, “After the great success of the WININ application’s launch in Jordan and the Arab world, we decided to launch the Treasure Hunt competition in Jordan with its largest prizes. We were delighted to form numerous collaborations with Jordanian businesses, which enabled us to award a large number of prizes and contribute to the competition’s wider reach.”

He continued, “We are quite hopeful about the Treasure Hunt campaign’s success. Apart from the special prizes we’ve been offering since the app’s launch, we’ve honored our promise to our loyal users to offer rewards that no other app of this scale has ever offered in Jordan. We are certain that the competition will help to promote the application even further and help us achieve our ambitious aim of revolutionizing the marketing and advertising fields.”

Faris Al-Hindi, Marketing Officer at MG British Motors in Jordan, shared his joy in collaborating on this campaign with the WININ application. He shared his faith in the app’s performance in Jordan, emphasizing that the app and the augmented reality technology it employs are considered a modern and fresh virtual advertising environment that has never been used in the Arab world before by any app.

The WININ application offers a number of prizes and rewards in all countries where it is available, with approximately 50,000 awards available in total. During the launch phase in mid-June 2020, the company celebrated more than 500,000 downloads of the WININ app. The number of winners from the app has exceeded 5,000 from the various Arab countries. The app also offers a variety of new advertising options that are distinct from traditional online advertisements and provide real-time results. It also highlights the measures necessary for sales success and helps in attracting the right customers to businesses, among many other benefits.

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