Amman – Jordan  : WININ app; the first Arabic mobile app for Augmented Reality, achieved a record number of downloads since its launch on the iOS and Android platforms, with over 500k downloads since the application was launched.

WININ APP is the first Arab application that uses the augmented reality technology, where this feature is used to create new virtual realities around the player and revolutionize the field of marketing. A.R.E.A The operating company of WININ app celebrated downloading the app more than 500k times during the simple launch period, which actually started from mid-June 2020, The app currently has more than 5k winners from different countries.

The WININ app allows the user the opportunity to win special prizes by downloading the application and selecting the desired brand. WININ has a wide variety of more than 30 brands. Once the user/player chooses the brand, the application’s system quickly scans the area around them for prizes. The player must then go to the location of these prizes and capture them via the phone camera. Merging the technology of augmented reality within the player’s phone camera; the player will be able to see the prizes before their eyes as if they’re actually around them.

On this occasion, the CEO of A.R.E.A Mrs. Dabia Ebbini, has expressed her delight with the application reaching the record number of downloads in a short period of time. She said: “Since the launch of WININ APP, we have been confident that it will reach distinct levels of success, and the evidence for that is a large number of downloads that it has obtained since its launch and the total number of prizes that have been given to the players, and we announced that on the various social media platforms of the app. We also promise the players and followers with more prizes and events that will certainly be admired by them in the coming period.”

Mr.Bashir Mraish, the CMO of A.R.E.A has confirmed that the results achieved by WININ APP and the number of distinct downloads within a short period are indications of the success of the marketing plan that we are following, as the application has so far reached Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar and Kuwait, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, with emphasizing the company’s pursuit to expand and carry the app to all Arab countries during the coming period.

It is also worth mentioning that the application provides a wide range of new advertising opportunities that differ from what’s other advertisements websites offer. It promises its clients fast results in real-time and provides them with the necessary steps to successful sales flow by attracting the specified targeted audience, among many other services.


About Mrs. Dabia Ebbini

Founder and CEO of A.R.E.A., Mrs. Dabia believes that determination, confidence, and unbridled vision are exactly what it takes to change the world. Her professional beginnings were mired in the advertisement world. She started by producing live TV programs and commercials, which led her to establish and manage VAS company to facilitate her own live TV programs. Moreover, her insightful future vision pushed her towards finding new technology, where she can employ and use her accumulated experience in the field of advertisement and communication in the best possible way. And here came the idea of ​​THE APP, where she was able to transform one wild idea into a well-established company that would revolutionize the market and makes history a witness to it; making a difference to the world through one application.

Who we are?

A.R.E.A was founded in 2019 as the first Arab application for augmented reality company. A.R.E.A is a global company registered in the Cayman Islands and headquartered in Jordan. It is available in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Qatar, and Kuwait, and aims to achieve 4 million users, with about 850,000 gifts.

What we do?

A.R.E.A provides its clients with the latest programming, development, and marketing techniques for their products and services, aiming to achieve prosperity using the best technology.

How do we work and how do we make a difference?

All members of A.R.E.A adhere to professional standards, where A.R.E.A aims to achieve efficiency for its clients by providing its team with exceptional training.

For more information, please visit: or follow us on our social media pages:

Instagram: @WininApp

Twitter: @WWINApp

Facebook: @WininApp

Youtube: @WininApp

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